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Filma me Titra Shqip is a website dedicated to providing high-quality movie reviews, in-depth film criticism and analysis, develop a film canon of films considered best ever, and provide opinions via a film blog. Many websites that offer movie reviews are often driven by hype, gossip and biases. While no website can ever be truly non-bias, Filma me Titra Shqip strives to do so.

Film Criticism may appear to be dying to some. In reality, it is growing, along with the growth of independent cinema worldwide. Just like the digital video formats have made filmmaking more accessible to filmmakers, the internet allows millions of professional and amateur film critics and movie reviewers to state their opinions and criticism. The accessibility does lead to bloated opinions and Filma me Titra Shqip goal is to provide quality movie reviews.

Filma me Titra Shqip  is a project by Sabri Zeqiri to focus on three hobbies at once: Search Engine Optimization, Drupal content management system, and film criticism. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Cinema Studies in 2008 he completed his Masters in Cinema Studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012. Aaron has written movie reviews for FilmJunk, Furious Cinema, HiDefNinja, and for ProgSnobs, a website for progressive rock and metal music reviews.

Want Me To Guest Post?

I'll be more than happy to write a guest post for your blog or publication with proper credits. Just head on over to my contact page.

Wanna Contribute?

Filma me Titra Shqip is looking for volunteer contributors for movie reviews and film criticism. If you are interested, please use our contact form to tell us a little about your self. Must already have a large repertoire of work.

For any question please use a contact form.